Healthy Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Who doesn’t want to celebrate New Year in style? Here are a couple of ways which you can follow to finish the year off in style.

Host A Party

To end the year in style and welcome the new year with a good mood, try hosting a party. Rather than the usual drinks and a buffet, get your close friends around for a close pampering party which included mobile beauty or massage therapist to provide treatments or stock up on face masks and manicure kits for a bit also. For refreshments, provide healthy snacks such as vegetable crudités and dips, and serve your guests’ healthy smoothies and mocktails as well.

Make Some Healthy Cocktails

If you can’t resist yourself from drinking in New Year’s eve you can go with the healthiest way possible by drinking in moderation and making your own healthy cocktails using fresh fruits and juices. Not only it will make your own fruit cocktails which will ensure you are at least getting some nutrients and antioxidants with your alcohol, but also the process of making your cocktails will help to drink less for the processing.

Go For A Midnight Run

If you are a runner, why not start the New Year indulging your passion and getting those healthy resolutions off to a flying start in the New Year’s eve? For anyone who is celebrating the New Year in New York, you could join in the annual midnight run through Central Park as well.

Movies And Popcorn

If you don’t want to do all the above, there is an another plan. The good news is you can boost your energy in your home as well. While watching television might not be quite as good as hitting the streets for a run or doing party on New Year’s eve, there are still health benefits there. Watching a comedy show or movie is beneficial for your heart, immune system and mental well being while eating some popcorn which will give your body a boost of antioxidants, nutrients and fibre altogether.

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