Heart complications common in covid-19 patients!

Although, the symptoms of covid-19 is just like that of any normal throat or lung infection, actuay it’s more than it. It has been seen that a number of covid-19 positive patients are developing heart complications.

The reason behind it isn’t fully understood by now.

According to American Heart Association, Aged people or those with heart disease of a stroke- history are at an increased risk of catching the virus and suffering from severe symptoms.

Those people aren’t just suffering from lung infections but also injuries to heart.

In a study published last month in JAMA Cardiology, doctors at a hospital in Wuhan, China, reported that “cardiac injury” was common in their experience. Among 416 patients hospitalized for severe COVID-19, about 20% suffered a heart injury. More than half of those patients died.
During such times , information and experience sharing is extremely important by doctors to save futher patients.

To look for the blockage in heart artery,  patients’ symptoms and medical history, along with imaging tests like ultrasound should be conducted on time.

Heart injury was defined as very high levels of a protein called troponin, which is released into the bloodstream when the heart muscle is damaged.

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