Here Is How Often You Should Blow Dry Your Hair

Women often use the dryer to dry their hair but there is a debate on “how often should you wash your hair”. However, everyone has a different opinion on this as they have different hair type. But Blow-drying can certainly damage your hair and even dry it out.

According to Dr. Michael Roizen, “The extreme heat from hair dryers (and from curling irons) causes the water under the cuticles (the outermost layer of the hair) to form bubbles that stress and break the hair.” And the result is split ends, breakage, and brittle hair as well.

It doesn’t matter if you hit your hair with the heat every day or once a week, the fact of the matter is, every time you do it is going to cause damage, so ideally, you want to avoid blow drying altogether or go as long as you can between blow drys.

Here are a few tips to follow:

1. Use An Ionic Dryer

Ionic dryers will dry your hair faster rather than others and it also limits the amount of time heat is touching your hair as well.

2. Use A Heat Protectant

Use hair protector before using the dryer on hair.

3. Keep The Nozzle Away From Your Hair

While drying, keep the hair-dryer as far as you can from your hair because the closer you will keep it your hair, it will cause more damaging in your hair.

4. Use Low Heat

Use the lowest heat setting to dry your hair otherwise, it can damage your hair.

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