Here’s how Body-Massage benefits your health

A body massage does more miracles to your body than just making you feel relaxed. Studies have proved that massage has some health benefits too.

What are the benefits of massage?
1-A massage therapy helps calm down hour nervous system, making it more relaxed .

2-It helps lower anxiety and stress from body, thus preventing or relieving depression and mental illness.

3- By relaxing the muscles, it prevents muscle crams and sparms.

4- It facilitates the carrying of waste of from body by stimulating lymphatic system.

5- By improving the blood circulation, it boosts the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

6- Massage also helps relieve pain and physical conditions like arthritis, and sciatica.

How often should you get a massage?
Getting a massage once a year may help you feel relaxed, but won’t undo all the stress from your body. Thus, to be able to feel it’s benefit and improvise your blood circulation, you should get a massage atleast once a month. If you are suffering from any strain or injury, you may be required to get it more frequently, like twice or thrice a week. Do consultant your physician or therapist in that case.

When should you avoid massage?
You should avoid getting massage when suffering from medical conditions like fever, infections, inflammation and osteoporosis.

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