Here’s how gym can detoriate your health!

We go to gym to maintain or physique and remain fit. But do we know of the risks associated with working out at gym? Well, in this article we won’t be telling you about muscle- strech or tissue damage, but rather something we really miss out or bring into notice.

Let’s start by questioning you.
Do you always carry your own towel and mat to gym?
Do you always wipe the equipments before and after using?
Do you always was your hands after going to bathroom?
Do you always wear shoes in gym?
Well, if you say yes, great! But studies have found that most of the gym goers do not!
And that it what is really worrying.
You go to gym in order to keep your body healthy but these negligence that you or other goers of your gym make, can give you many diseases. All equipments are used by so many people every day. And do you know how much hygiene do they maintain? If they even wash their hands after going to washroom (studies say over 30% do not.)

You work out and sweat a lot, but never remember cleaning or simply wiping the equipments. And this may spread virus or infection to someone who uses it after you. And similarly it’s ultimately going to hit you.

So should i stop going to gym?

No!! When you workout or go to gym, you body develops better strength to fight off diseases. And doing workout is anyway more advantageous than the risk associated with the spread of virus.

You should definitely continue with your gym. All you need to do is to take care of a few things such as:

1- Always wash your hands after doing to bathroom, coming from gym and even going to gym.
2- Always carry your personal tower and mat and use those instead of not using or using a common one.
3- Always wear shoes.
4- Do not forget to wipe equipments after use. Try wiping before use as well. You never know if the previous person to use it wiped or not.
5- Cover up your skin breaks or cuts.

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Aastha Kochar

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