Here’s How You can Stay Calm

Being angry or upset about something at some point in time is a part and parcel of life. Just like the different seasons, a human mind undergoes various emotions like love, anger, anxiety, and happiness. Though sometimes feeling angry or sad isn’t in our control, we can definitely take measures to calm our bodies and mind to take decisions rationally.

Being in a calm state of mind is important for the well being of our mental health. Though it is easier said than done, below are the few strategies that can help you when you’re feeling angry or anxious.



One thing which can help you deal with stressful situations is deep breathing. It is a very effective method as it helps in being stress and anxiety-free. Taking deep breaths help in increasing energy and relieving pain. So, the next time you feel stressed or angry, all you need to do is take a minute and inhale and exhale. Also, imagine the stress leaving your body as you exhale slowly.

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Channelize your energy

Another way of staying calm is by changing the state of your mind from negative to positive. For this, all you need to do is to channelize your energy in a positive direction. It simply means that you take that raw, pulsing energy from anger or frustration or that emotional pain or sadness, and then put it to something constructive and creative.

Listen to music

It is rightly said that sometimes music is the only medicine that heart and soul need. Listening to music can have a soothing effect on your mind as it relaxes the nerves of the body and helps to get in a calmer state. So if you are experiencing an anxiety attack, grab your headphones and tune in to your favorite tracks.

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