Here’s the Truth to Myths claiming prevention and cure of covid-19

Since the covid-19 outbreak, there has been a number of rumours flooding all over the internet, majorly spreading through WhatsApp. These rumours claim of suggesting proven ways to prevent or cure Coronavirus.

Even though all of us eagerly want to get rid of it, there’s no proven prevention or cure for it. So, here’s the truth to these myths.

Claim– Eating garlic can prevent or cure Coronavirus.
Truth– Although garlic is considered as a healthy food to eat, and can been proven to fight against some bacterias like salmonella and staphylococcus aureus, there’s no evidence that it can cure or prevent covid-19.

Claim– Consuming Alkaline foods (or those with pH over 7.0) like lemons, limes, oranges, turmeric tea and avocados can cure Coronavirus.
Truth– These foods were stated with incorrect pH, for example lemon was said to be of 9.9 whereas it is of pH 2, which is very acidic. And , there’s no evidence indicating that foods can even affect the pH levels of blood, cells or tissues as our body regulates the acidity level.

Claim– Drinking warm water with lemon slices can combat novel coronavirus.
Truth– lemon is a good source of vitamin C, which is helpful in developing a good immune. However, there are many other fruits and veggies too, which contribute to the same. And there’s no scientific evidence that it can cure the virus.

Claim– Intake of vitamin C will prevent and cure the virus
Truth– Undoubtedly vitamin C is rich in developing immunity which helps keep the body away from common cold and some minor bacteria. There’s no proof that it can cure Coronavirus, as it is not the same as common cold.

WHO has already clarified that by now, non food has been proved to cure or prevent covid-19. So be aware of the myths and fake news. To be on a preventive side, ensure that you take a healthy diet and follow precautions like watching hands well with soap or sanitizing, wearing masks and gloves and remain physically or socially isolated.

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