Here’s why you need to look after your personal hygiene

Maintaining your personal hygiene isn’t just important for a good personality, but also for being healthy.
And it becomes even more important for kids, as they remain exposed to dirt, and infected surfaces.

Following are the top 4 reasons on why you should practice good hygiene and teach your kids to do the sams:

1- Prevent skin infections
Most of us have a habit of touching our face frequently. And even if we decide to stop it, we won’t succeed, as we follow our habits sub-consciously. But touching face with unclean hands can lead to skin infections and conditions such as acne or spots. Thus, always ensure to keep your hands clean by washing it with a soap or using a hand sanitizer.

2- Fight stomach upsets
Stomach upset is common in kids. And generally the upset is caused due to unhygienic conditions. If you do not wash your hands before eating, the dirt sticked to it may cause it infection in your stomach resulting in diarrhoea, stomach ache or food poisoning.

3- Healthy teeth and gums
It becomes important to keep your mouth and gums clean, to fight-off the bacteria that develops after consuming food. All you need to do it to take care of your oral hygiene by brushing your teeth regularly. But ensure that your way of brushing is as suggested by dentists and not simply moving your hands without any direction.

4- Fight viruses
Coronavirus pandemic is here, and we have started realizing the importance of washing our hands clean. Unhygienic touch can lead to transmission of viruses from one person to other. And it’s not just the case with this virus, but rather all viruses. So make sure you clean your hands well after touching any surface or returning from outdoors.

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