Here’s your next bedsheet choice!

Choosing bedsheet can be as consuming as choosing the dinner for every evening. And in fact, it must be chosen with great care. Afterall, your quality of sleep largely depends on what bedsheet you are sleeping in. Although, there’s no common perfect choice for bedsheets, it is mostly a personal choice.

But, here are a few things you must consider before buying any bedsheet:

What Fabric to buy?
Pure or 100% cotton is the most demanded fabric when it comes to bedsheets , because it feels soft and natural. But it comes expensive and is more prone to wrinkles. So, if finding a lesser expensive, more durable and a less prone to wrinkle fabric, then cotton/poly blend would be an idea choice.

If you’re opting for cotton, long-staple fibers (like Egyptian or Pima) are often smoother and more durable, but be aware as there have been instances of brands falsely labelling bedsheets with these premium fibers but using cheap one. Even linen or polyester can be a good choice. Although these are less common , they feature unique properties.

What is the ideal thread count?
Even though thread count affects, but it isn’t as important to customers as the fabric weave of sheets, especially, if it’s not pure cotton.
However, top quality sheets are generally seen in the 300-500 thread count range.

Here are the most common sheet constructions:

Percale: A basic weave that feels light and crisp.

Sateen: A satin weave that feels silky smooth. In our evaluations, testers tend to prefer sateen.

Flannel: Soft, cozy sheets that add extra warmth.

Jersey: A stretchy material that feels like a T-shirt.

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