Hillary Clinton – Torchbearer Of Feminism or The Problem?

Hillary Clinton presents a unique situation for the feminist movement. Feminists have long been confused whether the iconic politician should be celebrated as an icon.

Her contribution to building the image of a strong female leader cannot be undermined. However, Clinton has been found wanting on many other fronts. Her shaky stand about her husband’s controversies also put her in the spotlight for the negative reasons.

Once again, with the onset of the 2020 elections, Hillary Clinton is back in conversation among the feminist circles. Despite her being nowhere near Presidential contention, her remarks and her politics are again under question.


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Hillary Clinton has questioned the Democratic Presidential contender Berney Sanders about his supposedly sexist fanbase. This is what she had to say about Sanders:

“It’s his leadership team. It’s hidden prominent supporters. His online Bernie Bros and their relentless attacks on lots of his competitors, particularly the women.”

This is not the first time Clinton has made this remark about Sanders. Earlier, during her primary battle against Sanders in 2016, she had tried to paint the culture around him as a misogynist. Interestingly, she always stops short of calling him a misogynist.

A question that needs to be asked here is whether Clinton’s battles are rightly positioned at the current juncture. Donald Trump presents the greatest threat to feminist politics at the moment. Not only has the American President shown open misogyny, but he’s also the recipient of multiple MeToo accusations.

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On top of that, Republican ruled states are showing the tendency of passing abortion laws that threaten to take agency from women over their own bodies. The fact that Hillary Clinton’s comments might weaken the democratic fight against Trump should be a cause of concern. A second Republican term threatens to bring about an age of desolation for women.

However, more than that, Clinton never explicitly states which policies or statements of Sanders can be perceived as misogynistic. The fact that the veteran politician’s record has been that of a pro-choice campaigner, or his endorsement of Clinton once she became the Democratic nominee takes the backseat.

Hillary Clinton


For real though, what has Hillary Clinton’s record been till now on feminist politics? Well, the answer might leave a sour taste in our mouth.

In an interview to Hollywood reporter, she claimed that she knew nothing about the deranged past of one of her biggest donors- Harvey Weinstein. The fact that Weinstein continued to do what he did to many women escaped the ears of Clinton or her team is something that is hard to believe. In fact, Lena Dunham revealed in 2017 that she warned Kristina Schake, Clinton’s deputy campaign manager, that Weinstein was a ‘rapist’.

We might never know the details of this incident. However, what we do know for sure are her opinions about her husband’s Monica Lewinsky saga. That doesn’t inspire much confidence.

It’s finally time to rethink whether the feminist movement requires a Hillary Clinton for its cause.


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