HIP-HOP Is still growing in the U.S

Hip hop is rapidly gaining dominance of streaming in the United States and
According to an annual report of BuzzAngle Music,  the genre was presented very well amongst the biggest tracks in the U.S. It also stated that, Hip-hop/Rap artists claimed no less than six of the Top 10 biggest streaming tracks of the year – and a whopping 52% of the Top 100.
Old Town Road’s 963.1m audio streams in 2019 made it an even bigger hit in the States than Drake’s massive God’s Plan of 2018.
God’s Plan attracted 1.68bn overall streams, and 843.9m audio streams, in the US last year – making it 2018’s biggest track – according to BuzzAngle’s annual report.
Journalists earlier this month, publishes data on Nielson Music that we can tune.
To answer that, we can turn to Nielsen Music data, published on social media by journalists earlier this month.
Numbers from Nielsen’s annual report show that hip-hop claimed a 27.7% market share of overall album consumption in 2019, calculated across sales and streaming.
The same metric in 2018, according to a Billboard report, led to a smaller share of the market, at 25.6%.
Yet hip-hop really dominated 2019 by streaming services.
According to Nielsen’s data, the genre claimed a 30.7% share of overall on-demand streams (across video and audio) in the States in 2019.
That was up by a full percentage point on the 29.7% market share hip-hop achieved in the previous year, according to Billboard/Nielsen.
In terms of audio streaming only, hip-hop artists claimed 31.2% , which is close to a third of all plays in the US last year, says Nielsen’s data; on video services, that number stood at 29.6%.

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