HOLA! USA : From Traditional Media to Digital & Social Platforms

HOLA! USA is ceasing it’s print operations immediately to pivot its efforts and resources entirely to reach affluent U.S. Latinas mostly in the digital and social media spaces.
Since it is a formidable media player, it will continue it anchor its first-rate marketing success to serve the needs of its blue-chip client base.
 While continuing its production of original, culturally relevant editorial in English and Spanish, HOLA! USA will expand its platforms by launching a YouTube channel. It will also launch a dedicated podcast later in the year.
And, with increasing time and resources, the Brand will make additional hires in digital, e-commerce, video production and social.
Sylvia Banderas Coffinet, a Publisher/Chief Brand & Revenue Officer at HOLA! told that it was an exciting time for HOLA! USA as they continue building their Brand, delivering premium content to the loyal readership, and evolving into new mediums.
 “2020 is equally exciting as it marks the year of clear Latinx influence – as a growing electoral force and as one of the nation’s leading economic growth engines with buying power set to reach well over $2.3 trillion.”
 HOLA! USA connects with it’s readers’ passion for unique and cultural content.
Podcasts continue to rise in popularity and grow in listenership over the last decade, and YouTube is a broadcast powerhouse reaching this hyper-connected audience.
U.S. Hispanics account for 9% of monthly podcast listeners. In general, monthly podcast listeners comprise of 46% are women, and 41% of all monthly podcast listeners earn over $75K/year. (2019, Edison Research, The Podcast Consumer 2019)
Some of the strongest platforms for U.S. Hispanics are those that include video content, with 58% saying they used YouTube (over-indexing by 16%) in the past 30 days. (2018, Nielsen, Descubrimento digital: The online lives of Latinx consumers)

About ¡HOLA!:

¡HOLA! Magazine was founded in 1944 and is now one of the world’s leading magazines in this field.
 Its long history publishing the best celebrity and royalty photographs has made it an international icon for glamour, informative accuracy and good quality.
 It reaches over 20 million readers worldwide, engages with 22 million unique monthly visitors, has over 12 million social media followers, and is seen by around 14 million on its broadcast channel, ¡HOLA! TV.

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