Home décor trends to bank on in 2019

Keeping up with the latest ever changing trends is a game we all like to play. Along with the clothing and accessories, our home décor also plays an important part in portraying our lifestyle.

Last few years we witnessed a lot of tech-obsessed home décor trends but this year we are experimenting boldly with nature. These 6 home décor trends are catching up fast this year to promise you a statement living space.

Going strong with the feminine tones

Since the Pantone’s colour of the year is ‘Living coral,’ the colour along with its shades and hues will be dominating this year for walls and home décor. These warm tones give a classic and elegant look to the space and are also great to be experimented with other bold colours.

Getting closer to nature with floral patterns

Floral patterns are back again to help you give your home a natural finish. Floral wallpaper along with wall art and cushions will be trending big this year. The traditional floral art either in abstract or in a particular manner can be used to give the classic effect.

Going bold with wallpapers and art

Since this year is all about experimenting, bold textured wallpapers and art with jewel toned colors will be observed. But remember to add just the right amount of pop to avoid overdoing it.

Sustainable, pieces hand crafted with love

Whether it comes to furniture or décor items like lamps and wall hangings, handcrafted sustainable furnishing is back in action. Giving an earthy touch, these items will be a great contrast and highly experimental against the bold and jewel toned walls and décor.

Mixed metals to mix it up

Gone are the days when you have to keep a check on matching the metals in the house. Keeping up with the earthy feels, a whole lot of brass, copper, rose gold amongst other metals will be seen mixed and matched up to give create balance and give a modernising effect.

Velvet furnishing it up

As velvet is one of the trending fabrics of the year, it will be observed in home furnishing as well. Velvet, as always seen as old fashion is gaining a modern perspective with sofas and other furnishing items.

It’s finally time to think out of the box and go experimental as there are no rules anymore.

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