Hong Kong Defies Ban On Tiananmen Vigil

China has been curbing the freedom of Hong Kong for some time now. As is visible by the large scale protests in the city, they have not taken too kindly to this imposition.

The conflict between the two territories has deepened now on another incident. Hong Kong has a tradition of remembering the victims of the infamous Tiananmen Square massacre that saw the Chinese Army kill hundreds if not thousands of pro-democracy activists. This incident is a blot on the dark history of the Chinese Communist Party.

However, this year, the Hong Kong government which is just a mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party has banned the annual June 4 gathering in Victoria Park to commemorate the event. The reason given is the coronavirus pandemic. However, residents fear another attempt to silence dissent in a territory being slowly engulfed by China in its region.

Hong Kong Defies Ban On Tiananmen Vigil

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The protestors were not to be stopped by this ruling. They jumped offer fences and boundaries to get into the Victoria Park and light candles.

There were demonstrations organized in various parts of the city defying government orders. Others decided to honor the victims by lighting candles at home. Recently, the government of Hong Kong had criminalized disrespecting the national anthem of China.

Hong Kong Defies Ban On Tiananmen Vigil

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Similar moves have been warning the Hong Kong protestors of a Chinese conspiracy to usurp their territory. They don’t want to go down without fighting. The fall out of this conflict will definitely be interesting to see in the coming months.

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