Hong Kong: Protesters and police in a stand-off at university

A stand-off at a Hong Kong university campus has led to a fiery clash within no time, between a lot of protesters and police.  A large fire suddenly broke out at the entrances to the Polytechnic University (PolyU), where protesters threw petrol bombs and shot arrows from behind the barricades.

However, the officers earlier warned them that they could use live ammunition if the protesters did not stop attacking them. While months of anti-government protests have affected the city, this latest violence has made the thing worst where a police media liaison officer was injured in the leg with an arrow on Sunday.

“I hereby warn rioters not to use petrol bombs, arrows, cars or any deadly weapons to attack police officers,” police spokesman Louis Lau shared in a statement broadcast via Facebook late on Sunday. “If they continue such dangerous actions, we would have no choice but to use the minimum force necessary, including live rounds, to fire back.”

Earlier in the stand-off, police also fired a live round in response where they said it was a car hurtling towards the officers near the university. Even, in a statement, the university had asked those who are occupying the campus to leave soon.

“Universities are venues for advancing knowledge and nurturing talents. Universities are not battlegrounds for political disputes and should not be drawn into violent confrontations,” it said.

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