Hong Kong Witnesses Massive Protests Against China’s New Security Laws

China has unleashed a draconian new bill upon Hong Kong. The well functioning one nation two systems formula is now under serious pressure.

The new bill plans to introduce national security laws upon the country which bars treason, subversion, and sedition. The ambiguously defined terms mean that they can be arbitrarily implemented by the nation. Till now, Hong Kong had relatively more freedom than mainland China.

The decision has led to a great degree of protests in the country. With this, the country finds itself in tumult. Let’s find more about this new wave of protests in addition to the way forward.

Hong Kong Witnesses Massive Protests Against China's New Security Laws

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Thousands of people gathered in the streets to protest against the imposition of these laws by China. The demonstrators set up makeshift barricades and chanted slogans such as “Five demands, not one less” in reference to their demands from the government, including investigation of alleged police brutality against anti-government protesters last year.

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Hong Kong Witnesses Massive Protests Against China's New Security Laws

Water cannon trucks and armored police vehicles were seen rolling into Causeway Bay, while in Wan Chai police fired tear gas to disperse the crowds after protesters tried to block a road. Local media reported that more than 100 people were detained.

This will continue to rock the nation until a settlement is reached. China needs to become more accountable for its actions. Only then can a full-scale conflict be avoided in the sensitive region rocked by continuous protests.

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