Hottest fashion trends for men in 2019

Why should fashion focus mainly on women. With upcoming trends like gender neutral and androgynous fashion, fashion specifically for men has not been forgotten. Men struggle every year to find decent trends that they could wear every day. Here are some of the best trends for men to try out this year.

Mismatched prints

Straight out bold maximalism! Since maximalisim is everywhere to be seen this year, for men’s fashion, mismatched prints do the job. You can take one bold print in focus and work around it with different prints and patterns to complete the look. Since it is a bold trend to pull off, it’ll make you stand out from the crowd. So if you’re looking forward to turn some heads this summer, you know what to wear.

Light-wash denim

Denim has always been in the trend since it first came into fashion. Every year, it gets a makeover and we find new ways to wear it around, 2019’s denim trend is the light-wash denim. Even though men mostly prefer the dark coloured denims, the light-wash denims are just as versatile and perfect for your summer casual looks.

Pastel colour suits

In contrast to the mismatched prints, the monotone is also here this summer. Beige is the favourite colour this summer while some other pastel tones are also making a statement. Lighter hues of pink and blue are also seen giving a summery vibe and resort feels to the look. This could be a perfect brunch outfit on a hot Sunday.

Slim sunglasses

Slim sunglasses have already been in fashion for women from quite some time but till now we did not witness men rocking that trend. However, things are changing this year as fashion forward men take over this trend to seek shade from the sun in the most stylish way. This could be a risky trend to rock as you will have to find the perfect sunglasses for you. Figure out your face shape and the sunglasses that’ll suit you and get your ultra slim ones.

Stripes all the way

Stripes is a repetitive trend that is almost up every year. However, this year they get a makeover. Stripes this year are thicker, bolder and brighter for that summer look. They can work as a tee, bottoms or even a suit. Depending on how bold you want the look to be, you can choose how you want to wear your stripes. Going for a normal and subtle look, you can wear it as a tshirt, shirt or bottoms and pair it up with plain clothes. But if you’re really looking forward to create a statement, you can even go for stripes head to toe.

You don’t have to completely change your look to be trendy. All the trends can be styled up as subtle or as bold as you want them to be.


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