How can Bipolar disorder affect your relationship and ways to deal with it

Bipolar disorder is a “disorder associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs.”

It is also known as manic depression.
The exact cause of the disorder is still unknown. However, a combination of genetics and environmental factors are known to alter brain structure and show symptoms such as long periods of depression.

It cannot be cured, and is a lifetime disorder. However, the symptoms can be managed by medical treatment along with psychotherapy.

Bipolar disorder can affect relationships. Find out how:
A person with bipolar disorder may go through different moods for long periods, which may result in changing attitudes.

During a manic episode, the person may not agree with the other, or indulge in binge drinking which can lead to conflicts or tensions in the relationship.

If your partner has bipolar disorder, you may find it difficult to keep things normal. And when your partner disagrees to listen to you, or feel irritated at times when you wish to be romantic, you may feel distressed. Thus, self-care becomes important here. If you care for yourself, you can care for your partner and keep the relationship balanced.

Here’s how you can take care of yourself:

Sleep well, exercise, seek psychological help if needed and stay positive.

Also, to make things work out between you two, communication is important. Talk to them about the ways you can help them. You may feel like helping them by doing a particular thing, but the same may be annoy them. Thus, it’s important to discuss how they like to be helped. And this way, you can manage during their manic episode.

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