How can men lend a helping hand to women at workplace?

Today, not just men but also the women , get educated and pursue their careers. Not just the household chores but also the financial aspect, they assist with. And their dedication and commitment has a lot of potential, but unfortunately even in the 21st century, when we talk of equality, we hardly won it. Although women work in the same offices as men, but they are still denied equal respect, wages as well as positions. They lack opportunities which they could use to prove their potential. It’s time when both men and women need to be a part of the decision making and core team of any organisation. And together they can help the organisation grow in every sense. Here’s now you, being a man can help women at your workplace , and help them get what they deserve.

1- Evaluate equally

One of the major set back which the working women face is the ‘inequality in evaluating performance’. The same work done by men and
women are treated unequally. In most of the organisations women are not paid equal to men, even when they work equal number of hours a day and at equal post. However, most of the times they aren’t given a post of higher position. Considering them as undeserving and not giving them due recognition is unfair. you must strive to give them equal opportunities.

2- Raise voice

“If you are witnessing a crime with silence, you are also committing it.” Do not stay silent if you see something wrong happening with any particular gender or caste. By breaking your silence, you can lend a hand to the victim. Do not tolerate or normalize any kind of discrimination with women in your organisation. Support them and stand against it.

3- Give them a chance to lead

Most of the working women complaint of not getting a chance to be at top positions. Generally, men are seen as leaders and women as followers of the instructions or path laid down by men. And it all starts from our home. But now times have changed. Women are gaining knowledge and skills, which makes them deserve equal recognition. Give women a chance to lead, and then you will see the difference in them as well as the organisation.

4- Give due credit

Do not keep them at back end. Getting the work done by them and taking it’s credits. Let women take credit of what they have done. And, feedback will definitely help them improve and feel confident for the next task. Giving them credit will also increase their chance of promotion. Since, it gives them a chance to prove their worth.

5- Don’t suppress their voice

It’s mostly seen that women in the organisation are not involved in decision making at all. Not just the major decisions, but also the day to day decisions such as selection of topic for writing or posting are also made by men. Give a chance to them rather than suppressing their voice. Involve them in decision making and invite suggestions from them. And, you will feel a positive change in the overall working of the organisation.

6- Motivate women without resources or confidence

Many women lack confidence. Since, they aren’t given equal opportunities, they feel demotivated. Motivate them, and treat them equally. Help them with understanding work more clearly and give them a chance to work at the same level as men. By doing these small things, you can help advance women at workplace.

It’s time when we all should work together to change the status quo and make a real, daily commitment to create a diverse and balanced workplace

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