How Developed countries respond to Corona virus Pandemic

Novel Corona virus or Covid-19 has risen tensions all across the world. Till now, 149 countries have been affected by Corona virus with over 1.5 lakh people tested positive.

As a result, the travel and tour industry is among the worst hit. Many countries have taken serious measures to prevent the virus from spreading.

India, although a developing country but it has been continuously monitoring the situation and taking precautionary steps such as shutting down borders, screenings on airports, keeping a check on people with travel histories, suspension of cinema halls, schools and colleges etc.

However, some developed countries are found to have been taking the situation lightly.

Malik Shah a traveler from Mumbai to Chicago found that there was no corona virus screening at Chicago and Qatar airport. The number of cases in Qatar has been rising rapidly and a few measures like curtailing workshops and seminars were taken by the government there, but even then no such cautions were taken at the airport, which is a major area for transmit.

Shah also stated that there were no sanitizers at Doha and Chicago airports, and the restriction on not carrying liquids over 100ml did not even allowed them to carry any sanitisers.

The Director of the Centre for Disease Control Robert Redfield, told the US lawmakers that due to the lack of fund, they aren’t able to give a concrete response to fight coronavirus outbreak. There is lack of equipment, people, internal capacity as well as search capacity.

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