How Enough Sleep Contributes to Your Success

Amidst our on-the-go lifestyles and extremely unbalanced work-life scenarios; sleep is the one thing you tend to forgo without batting an eyelid. To keep up with the looming deadlines hovering on your dreams and career choices sacrificing the simple pleasure of sleeping is considered a wise decision. Entrepreneurs, business professionals, world leaders, and overachievers often speak about how they pushed themselves to the limits to stay on the top of their empires. This often leads to the idea of cutting back on sleep being glorified as an ideal step to success in schools, colleges, and office meetings. However, staying sleep deprived for extended periods is downright dangerous and can push you to the brink of self-destruction impairing your health and relationships both at personal and professional levels.

Often undersleeping seems like a mechanism to help you accomplish your objectives within a given time frame, but the price you pay for this achievement is far heavier than the reward you would be receiving at your workplace.  Although giving up on sleep may help you attain your short term goals, it may jeopardize the growth in your career graph by attacking your productivity in the long run. This can be corroborated by the fact that innumerable scientific studies have highlighted the importance of 7-9 hours of sleep to promote optimal performance and functioning of an average adult human.

How is Sleep Related to Success

Being on pretty much around the clock can interfere with your natural sleep cycles. An appropriate amount of shut-eye can drive your career to the zenith of success by helping your brain and body to function in sync with each other. The Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School states that the unhealthy effects of sleep deprivation on your mood, concentration and brain function tend to outweigh the productivity achievements gained in the process. The National Sleep Foundation also establishes the negative effects of undersleeping by suggesting that drowsy driving is as harmful and risky as driving under the influence of alcohol intoxication.

Considering the life, we are leading in the present time; sleep deficit is a health disorder that has acquired epidemic proportions all across the globe. An individual who embraces the much-coveted gift of sleeping just the right amount is likely to perform better than his sleep-deprived folks.   Getting just the right amount of undisturbed sleep helps keep your circadian rhythms balanced, promotes your cognitive performance, boosts your insights and ideas, and helps you focus and stay attentive throughout the day. On the contrary, an accumulated lack of sleep over time leads to disturbed sleep patterns, impairs your judgment, impedes your attention and problem-solving abilities affecting your overall performance. When you get enough sleep you are unknowingly channeling yourself towards a brighter and successful future.

A lack of sleep derails your body’s repair and restorative mechanisms. A study conducted by researchers at John Hopkins suggests that sleep interruptions can significantly plummet your energy and mood levels the next day affecting your professional life at large. A sleep-deprived individual is likely to be less focused on getting his work done, his attention might be divided during board meetings, and he might also run low on being innovative and creative with his work. Additionally, sleep-deprived people are predisposed to health problems. Hence, instead of being an asset a sleep-deprived individual is a liability to his organization as corroborated by another study.

Considering the role sleep plays in our lives, one cannot stress enough on how sleeping adequately can help you achieve and perform better in your personal and professional life. The onus to keep your body and mind well rested lies on you partially. You must keep in mind that time spent sleeping is time well invested. Stick to a regular schedule. Try not to overstress and overwork. If possible, consider talking to your manager about rescheduling your work responsibilities if they are hindering your sleep cycles. If you are suffering from a sleep disorder or disturbance, consider seeking a medical review.

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A Word

An erratic sleep pattern can be a major roadblock in your success by impairing your thinking, judgment, and innovative abilities. Hence, it is imperative to understand that sleep is the fundamental biological aspect that needs to be addressed to help transform you and your organization into a success story.

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