How Fashion influencers can help fight isolation

Corona virus pandemic has lead to lock downs across the world, which means staying within the four walls, socially distancing self. But self quarantine can affect our mental as well as spiritual health. Although, it isn’t social distancing, but rather physical distancing as social networking sites and FaceTime, Zoom etc are still available for us to connect with our friends. In fact, it is suggested to remain connected with people using such platforms and not step out.

But, is has been seen that people feel mentally retarded as it’s difficult to remain engaged with same people at home. And thus, it increases the chances of anxiety and depression.

Hollywood actors as well as fashion influencers can help change the scenario by keeping the audience engaged. Interacting with the audience can prove to be an effective way, since most of the people who are isolated, are in need of someone to talk and share their thoughts.

Giving tips and tricks to spend these days, doing something new or guiding on utilising these days may prove to be of great benefit, when done by these personalities.

Influencer Chiara Ferragni used her platform to raise millions of dollars during the crisis in Italy, which helped communicate the idea of being isolated.

Even Danielle Berstein and Arielle Charnas, New York based super-influencers used their platforms to connect with designers who can make face masks to work with hospitals and health workers in need of them.

By propagating such messages, they are bringing relief to the people in this strange time.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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