How Hunger kills poor before Coronavirus!

Hunger is likely to kill more people than Coronavirus. While we are practicing social distancing and lockdown as a preventive measure to fight the virus, the economies are at halt.

The industries, manufacturing and production has declined all over the world, making it difficult to survive. Even though we say that covid-19 affects rich and poor alike, but it doesn’t stand true in case of hunger.

While the elites are enjoying their vacations at home, trying out new recipes and following their hobbies; the lower class is struggling to get basic meals for survival. Although, the governments over the world have planned and implemented certain measures to feed the empty stomachs, many still face insecurities and uncertainties of future.

The daily-wage labourers and migrants started moving towards their hometowns as soon as the lockdown was imposed to curtail movement. Some died on their way , while others died fighting off with their peers just to get one-time meal in a day.

Some NGOs and social organisations have also been providing food to the needy. But even the social distancing norms are being violated at the shelter-houses for the poors.

According to Arif Husain, a chief economist at the World Food Program, already 135 million people had been facing acute food shortages, but now with the pandemic, 130 million more could go hungry in 2020. The lower class struggles to survive hunger before Coronavirus!

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