How long can you survive without water?

Water is a necessity. And drinking water is a necessity for life. Lack of water or absence of water in the body may cause dehydration and eventually lead to death.

Water plays a multi-functional role for the body. It helps produce sweat, improves digestion by producing saliva, regulates blood pressure and much more.

Although, the time within a human body may become dehydrated is based on many factors. It doesn’t remain the same for all individuals. The factors by which it is influenced, are- temperature of environment, food consumed, fitness etc.

For example, in summer, body produces more sweat, thus dehydration may be quick. People who consume more water-based foods like fruits may require less water than who consume dry fruits like bread.

A person with diarrhea or vomitting may lose more water and become dehydrated soon.
However, on an average, a human body may be able to survive without water for three days.

How can dehydration end your life?
Dehydration can cause multiple organ failure. Water helps in the re-growth of your cells. Lack of water may prevent you from sweating. Without sweating, your body may not be able to remove toxins and thus cause death.

Also, dehydration will disturb your digestion process, and won’t help remove the toxins through excretion. It may cause kidney failure and built up toxins can lead to death ultimately.

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