How much time should I spend in Gym?

Who doesn’t want to have a good physique and personality? Gym has become a trend today. Not just the men but also women specially teenagers are crazy about gyming. No doubt, it helps one achieve his or her dream body, in the long run. But most of the people are living with a misconception that more the time they spend in gym, better the body they will achieve. Over-time gym can lead to severe effects on health. Such as, muscle-tearing, joint-pain etc.
So how much time should one ideally spend there?

Well, on an average, a gym goer spends 45-60 minutes in gym. But one should consider some factors on deciding time he should spend there.
First, Decide your aim. Every individual has different goals when they wish to join gym. One may want to lose weight, i.e burn calories by certain exercises. While, some other person may want to build muscles which can be done by weight training and heavy lifting.

So, the first thing you must do is to make clear what you really want to achieve. Or else, you will waste your time doing random exercises and still achieve nothing.

Second, lay down your objective in measurable terms. Suppose, lose 2 kg in first week. It will help you set everyday goal for you. Setting measurable goals also help evaluate performance and therefore better progress. But ensure that you don’t exceed time , as it will only give you pain, without any gain.

Third, Do not increase your gym time so much that you would required a break in between. In a break, people usually take selfies/videos and post pictures on social media or chatting. Such distractions will only waste your time and take away your motivation.

So do it less, but with the best. Best of your capacity, motivation and energy. Also, ensure that you continue it in long term, as continuity has no substitute.

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