Perfect eyeliner is a dream for many girls even today. No matter how good we are at make-up, applying eyeliner remains the toughest job for a lot of us. What if i tell you that you are just three steps away from your perfect eyeliner look? You might be thinking that those three steps would be really complicated. But trust me, those 3 steps are really simple and you can easily achieve that perfect eyeliner look within 2 minutes.

What are you waiting for? GET, SET, GO!

1. Start from middle

MIDDLE? YES! You may be thinking, i’ve gone crazy because you might be applying it from inwards (starting point of eye). But that’s the game! When you start from the point and take it so long, you mess up in between. So, just start from the middle and take it outwards until the end of your eye but make sure it is very much adjacent to your eyelash.

2. From inwards to outwards

As you have already drawn a thin line in step-1, start from the starting point of your eye and bring the brush outwards (draw completely from in to out, while re-applying liner on the middle).

3.  Draw wings

Now that you’ve already drawn a thin line over your eyelashes, take your brush a little more outwards and upwards to give it a wing-like shape. Then draw another curve from a little above with the ends meeting. Fill it with liner (thicken the wing).  Now thicken the entire eyeliner slow in phases as above mentioned.

And you are done!

For more clarity, checkout this tutorial.

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