How to Avoid Nightmares?

Nightmares are common in children and teenagers. Nightmares can be a sign of stress or worries a person might be undergoing. In rare case, it can even be due to medicinal causes.

So, what exactly a nightware is?

Nighmares are frightening or terrible dreams that a person may have while they are asleep. It leads to more stress and anxiety due to a negative impression left with that dream. For some people, nightmares are quite frequent and common. For others, it may be something rare. But in most cases, people remember these unlike normal dreams, which are forgotten.

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How can you overcome nightmares?

In order to prevent nighmares or overcome them, you should work on the root cause. It is important to understand what causes a nightmare. There may be something wrong or scary you are going through. Some worries, or some sorts of emotional issues in life, which directly affect your sub-conscious mind and dreams. Working upon resolving them can be of great help.

Apart from that, here are some tips you should consider following:
1. Set your sleeping time. You should go on sleep at same time every night so as to regulate your sleeping patterns.
2. Exercise and meditate everyday to relieve stress.
3. Make sure you de-stress yourself before sleeping. For this, you can read your favourite books, watch series or do whatever you enjoy. It should be fun, and not scary or haunted. It shouldn’t be pain giving it emotional.

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