How to be a supportive partner

Everyone wants to have a supportive partner. But no one wants to be one. You must have heard the quote: Be the change you want to see in the world. The same applies to your relationship too. You need to support your partner to expect the same from them. And moreover, to make them feel loved.


So, below are five ways you can support your partner.


  • Listen

Being patient enough to listen to their tales, thoughts and feelings look like a no-big-deal. But sadly, most partners fail to do so.

  • Don’t expect them to change

You love them, right? So, why do you want to change who they are? Accept who they are rather than expecting them to become who you want.

  • Appreciate often

When things come easy or it looks like they are difficult to go, we take them for granted. And this is what takes away the charm. To make them feel loved, appreciate them often. Tell them how beautiful they look, what a wonderful job they’ve done, and what you like about them.

  • Be empathetic

If they’re going through something miserable, support them emotionally. Be empathetic and feel their pain. Rather than complicating things, understand their situation by keeping yourself in their shoe.

  • Don’t discourage

If you can’t encourage them, at least don’t discourage them or make fun of their situations. Be kind enough to stay quiet and never tell them they can’t do something.

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