How to become a social media influencer?

Who’s a social media influencer?

There’s no clear definition of a social media influencer. However, the people or mini influencers to whom brands reach in order to promote their products or services on social media by the mouth of word, pictures, videos, vlogs etc are influencers.

How can I become one?

If you want to become a social media influencer, the very first thing is do you really want to become one? Life of a social media influencer can be hectic, one needs to put consistent efforts to reach that level. Also, you may not always be appreciated, there may be people who criticize you for your promotions or posts. Are you ready for it? If yes, go ahead.

1. Increase followers
Now that you’ve decided that you really want to become one, you have to move towards your growth. No brand will give products or services to a person with 100-200 followers, after all the purpose is to reach large audience. Yeah?
So, you must must must work on increasing your followers. BUT, DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS! It may increase your number of followers but won’t really increase engagement. So, your focus must be on content.

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2. Post creative content
In order to make people follow you, you must focus on producing quality content. You can include texts, posts, IGTV videos, vlogs etc. But make sure it is your original and you post it regularly. Whether it is three posts a day or a post in every three days, you must be regular with it.

3. Engage with people
Social media is a platform for interaction. Don’t make it a speech, make it a dialogue. Ask questions to your audience, reply to their comments, post interactive stickers like poll, quiz and question-answers.
By this way, not just your audience will be more interested in you, but also brands will be looking forward to send their peoducts to you.

4. Ask for collaboration
Instead of waiting for brands like Zara or Nike to ask you for promotion, find some small or new businessess and ask them if they could send you their products and you could promote or review them. It will add on to your portfolio and increase your chances of being approached.

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