How to boost immunity to prevent Covid-19

Covid-19 outbreak has affected lakhs of lives by now. It affects everyone alike- irrespective of class, caste and creed. However, those with great immunity are able to fight-off illness including Covid-19 better.
So how does one boost immunity to resist?

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Immunity building isn’t something that can happen over-night. It is a continuous process which requires consistent consumption of healthy food and practice certain lifestyle.


1. Sleep

Yes, it may sound crazy but there’s a direct link between immunity and sleep. Lack of sleep makes us more prone to illness. On an average, every individual must sleep for 7-8 hours everyday.

2. Engage in exercise

Exercising is yet another factor affecting our immune system. It helps reduce inflammation and help regenerate immune cells regularly. You can brisk walk, swim or exercise at home.

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3. Drink water adequately

Dehydration can make you more susceptible to illness. A dehydrated body is at higher risk of catching viruses and bacteria. Water is also important for your over-all health.

4. Reduce stress

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Stress and anxiety is yet another important factor that may lead to falling immunity. It is because stress can lead to inflammation in the long run. Manage your stress through yoga, exercise and meditation.

5. Eat healthy

Last but the most important. Eat whole grains, protein, vitamins C and A and lower your intake of addtional sugar and bad fats. It is only then you will be able to fight-off viruses well.

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