How to boost your Self- Confidence

Just dreaming can’t make you successful. It is your actions that enable you to celebrate success. And if you aren’t confident, you can’t take decisions that can make a difference.

Self-Confidence is the key to success, and so in this article we would help you brief with the ways you can build your confidence.

1. Identify your negative thoughts
Many a times you must be catching yourself with ‘no, I can’t do it’ ‘what will they say’ ‘it is very difficult’ ‘i will fail’ any many more things that hold you back from making the first step. So, identify what are these.

2. Talk positive
Look into the mirror, smile and say ‘i will do it’ ‘yes i can do it’ ‘i will be successful’. These positive thoughts will help you avoid negatives and encourage you to achieve more.

3. Stay with positives
Avoid being with friends or relatives who make you feel low or hurt your esteem/confidence. Try spending more time with those who tell you ‘you will do it’! It is a sevret to building confidence!

4. Appreciate yourself
Instead of always pointing out yourself on your lacking, find out your positives. Look at the good work and success you have achieved and count those instead. It will make you feel more happy and confident.

5. Accept your imperfections
No one is born perfect. Everyone has flaws and you must accept yours. Understand that it is ok to be imperfect and not feel bad about it but instead work on it.

6. Set small targets
After you accept your flaws, work on them by giving yourself small targets and accomplish them. It will boost your confidence and make you love yourself more.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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