How to Change Your Eating Habits

What you eat is what you are. But how you eat is how you would live. It is important to eat right but extremely important to eat rhe right way. If you are keen to change your eating habits but are clueless, you just need to be consistent with following the tips given below:

1. Journal

Journaling plays a great role in making you aware or reminding you of what you are doing to yourself. Everyday , pen down how you started your day, what you eat and what way you eat for instance, spend 5 minutes eating your meal.

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2. Find what’s wrong

After you have started penning your everyday food journal, evaluate it and see what is wrong with it. Is it that you are giving too less time eating it? Or is it that you hardly have any protein and vitamins in your everyday diet? Note the shortcomings and write it down.

3. Get the solution

The biggest issue is finding what’s wrong and not finding how to correct it. If you’ve already found your shortcomings, you can easily find how you can correct it. Whether it be by givung yourself more time to eat or by consulting a dietician to get your customised diet plan, you can evaluate that without much off an effort.

4. Practice but give yourself time

Now that you know what all changes you need to make, you need to make small small steps to form a habit. Remember that it will take time. Just don’t be too harsh with yourself.

5. Practice mindful eating

Apart from every other change you need to make, mindful eating shouldn’t be amiss. Whenever having your meal, focus on it, be thankful for it, keeo yourself away from all the distractions like TV, smartphone or even talking. It would prevent you from overeating and get the best out of it.

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