How to Chop Onion Perfectly

Onion is one of the most important ingredient of our meals. There’s hardly any meal which we prepare without onion. But, chopping onion is the most annoying thing, not just because it brings tears into our eyes but also because most of us fail to cut it perfectly and end up with unequal slices. In this article, you’ll get to know how to chop onions perfectly.


What you need to know how to chop onion perfectly?

In the traditional method of chopping onion, you end up losing the grip and it doesn’t get chopped finely. It is therefore important to know how you can keep it intact until it is chopped completely.

How to chop onion perfectly?

Remove the top of the onion but nor the complete round part. Now hold the onion and divide it into two by slicing from up to down. Make sure that you don’t chop off the roots.

-Now remove the peel from both parts and keep the flat side of onion facing the board.

-Now take one of the two onion parts and cut it horizontally. Since you didn’t remove the roots, it would keep the onion together and won’t split.

-After this, chop them finely by moving the knife vertically.

-It will result in fine chopping while keeping the onion together.

-Once done, you need to do the same with the other part of your onion.

And you are done with chopping onions perfectly! It won’t just save your time, but also give you fine chopping.

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