How to control your anger?

Anger is a completely normal emotion in human beings. But when it gets out of control, it may destruct your life as well as someone else’s. So, it is important to control anger before anger controls you.

Here’s how you can successfully do that:

1. Write down
The very first thing you must do to control your anger is by writing things that make you angry or likely to make you angry. By mentioning these, you will relax yourself instead of giving an instant reaction.

2. Talk
Instead of always reacting to things, you must learn to talk. Many a times there are communication problems, and without understanding the whole of it, you burst out your anger.

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3. Know your anger
Not everyone reacts same, one may shout when angry, other may become violence, and someone else can cry and become broken. So identify how you react. Also look for signs when you are about to become out of control.

4. Workout
In order to become a more calm and patient person, you must give time to yourself , your body and mind. For this, you must walk, workout , do yoga or meditation. And , you’ll soon find a change in yourself.

5. Treat equally
The most common reason for our anger is we consider the other individual inferior or that we can easily shout on them. Imagine the same mistake been done by your dad or boss, will you react the same? No! So, you must learn to consider the other person equal and not worth tolerating your anger.

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