How to cope up with a Breakup easily

Breakups can be really heart breaking. Irrespective of whether it was you who chose to end it up, or it was your partner, or may be a mutual decision to lead a better life, it’s always ‘not easy’. You become habitual of spending time with your partner, and that eventually becomes a part of your everyday schedule. And suddenly if it breaks off, it takes time to adjust.

So, here’s how you can really cope up with the loss sooner:

1- Maintain distance
Even if you and your partner decide to talk once in a while or remain friends, give upon it!  Being friends after breakup is never going to work unless you two were never in love. If you really want to spend your life without that person, do not talk to them or meet them.
It’s better to remove their contact from your phone too.

2- Get off Memories
Clear out your almirah, and keep yourself away from anything that reminds you of them, may be a gift they brought for you. Also delete pictures from your phone and give yourself space.

3- List out negatives
If you ever feel like going back or talking to them, it’s better to list out why you two breakup, what were the reasons, and how you’ll be better without them. Keeping yourself reminded will help you forget about them. Also remember their negative traits such as disallowing you to talk to your friends. And, isn’t your life better without them now?

4- Allow yourself time to grieve
It’s impossible to move on, on the day or within a few days. You are most likely to feel disheartened and would want to go back or may be regret losing them. It’s quite natural. Until and unless you allow yourself time to cry and miss, it won’t work out. Give yourself time to heal with the process , so get your heart out!

5- Keep yourself engaged
When you were with them, you couldn’t really give yourself time. Now, take out time to follow your hobbies, family and friends whom you missed out. Spend time with some really positive and motivating people.

In case you aren’t able to cope up with it even in few months, or go through a mental trauma, you must see a psychologist or a psychiatrist to seek professional help.

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