How to deal with addiction during covid-19

Addiction during the times of corona virus can be really hard and distressing. It is because when someone recovers from a drug or alcohol substance addiction, they need to have a community and accountability.

People can’t go to these centres during the lockdown. And, during this time, the consumption may rise, worsening the addiction.

But, now you can recover from your addiction and still follow social distancing.

Here’s how:
There are some organisations that engage in online consultation through video calls. Even in states like alaska with high populations, virtual meetings have been going on since 2000s. Earlier, it was with using phone calls, but with upgrading technology, now it is with video calls.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have meetings all over the world, and many have moved online.

The SAMHSA hotline is a national resource that can provide information and support to individuals and family members facing substance use disorder, 365 days a year.

Recovery Dharma uses Buddist practices in its recovery services, but people of any faith can participate.

Smart Recovery uses cognitive behavioral therapy in its science-based recovery services.

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