How to deal with Coronavirus anxiety

As the corona virus continues to spread, the fear and anxiety also continues to rise. Although, anxiety and stress are normal in any pandemic or even an outbreak situation, but it shouldn’t totally consume your life.

It should only help you take care if yourself and your loved ones, but if it’s not letting you stay calm, you seriously need to follow the below measures:

1- Control information
There has been increasing fake news shared using social media. You may recieve news such as pets spreading the virus, and may tense you if you have a pet. Avoid believing and sharing everything you receive. Check news using authentic sources and half of your anxiety would go way. Also, do not expose yourself to TV news the whole day. Since, you would hardly see any other news these days, it’s better to limit your consumption to only twice or thrice a day for important updates.

2- Build immunity
There’s no certainty on consumption or abandoning of any food can refrain you from catching the virus. Just that people with a strong immune system have better power to fight the virus. So work on boosting your immunity by consuming fruits rich in vitamin-C such as lemon, orange kiwi etc.

4- Practice hobbies
Our lives have become so busy that we hardly give time to things that make us happy. Years have passed and we haven’t done something which we used to, in our childhood. Give time to your hobbies now. It can be reading books, cooking something new, sketching or even playing a video game. It will help you utilise the time in the best possible way.

5- Socialise
Although, isolation is the key to preventing yourself, doesn’t mean you should lock yourself in a room and not utter a word. Stay indoors and spend time with your family, dicuss things. Also, connect to your friends by call or video calls and put your heart out.

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Aastha Kochar

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