How to deal with Suicidal thoughts

Many people may catch themselves having suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives. These thoughts usually come into mind when someone is depressed about something or something negative suddenly overtakes their life. At that time, it may feel like everything is over or it will last forever.

If your mind is occupied with thoughts that are compelling you to suicide, you must follow the below tips:

1. Be optimistic
Yes i know it may sound non- pragmatic as to how one can be optimistic in such a situation. But i want to remind you, sun shines every morning after night passes. So, whatever you’re going through, that too shall pass and you will be having a better tomorrow, but only if you choose to live today.

2. Take medications
If you have been in depression and undergoing treatment for the same, you must not decide to discontinue your medicine without your doctor’s advice. So, continue taking your medicines, it will control such hormones and make you feel better.

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3. Talk
Whatever is in your mind, throw it out. Talk about it with your friends or family or someone you really trust and feel may help you overcome your situation. If you are helpless, talk to a counselor or psychologist.

4. Throw away those objects
Keep yourself away from objects like knife, gun, pills, poison, rope or hangings. Or else, you’re mind will be occupied with those thoughts again. It’s anyway better to throw them away.

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