How to Detoxify Your Body Through Your Feet

We all are living a hectic life where we try to juggle lots of different things in order to live a financially stable life. However, there is one side effect our body has to face due to our busy schedule and that is presence of toxins. We all have tried millions of ways to get rid of harmful toxins from our bodies. Though detoxification is not a new term for the people of the new generation, many are not aware that they can detox their body through their feet.

The following are a few simple ways in which you can detoxify your body while being at the comfort of your home.

  • Foot Detox Pads

Detox pads are easily available in almost every health or medical store. All you need to do is to apply them to your feet before going to bed and then leave them on for the entire night. Once the morning arrives, you can remove the detox pads from your feet as you have easily gone through a detoxification of about 7-8 hours as you slept.


  • Salt Foot Bath

It is an easy remedy where you have to dip your feet in hot water which also includes a spoon of epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Dipping your foot in this water for about 30 minutes will not only remove harmful toxins from your body but will also relieve you from pain or stress.

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  • Oxygen Foot Bath

For preparing an oxygen detox foot bath, you need to fill your foot tub with hot water and add two spoons of hydrogen peroxide along with one spoon of dry ginger powder. Once the mixture has a smooth consistency, dip your feet in it for 30 minutes to detoxify your body and to soothe yourself internally. Oxygen foot bath also helps to prevent irritations and allergies.

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