How to do manicure at home


Nails are a center of attention for girls, and if you are someone for whom nails really matter, but the costs for getting nail art done really pinches your pocket, then let me tell you, you can do manicure at your home without even needing any progress.

Follow the below steps:

1. Remove nailpaint
If you already have a nailpaint on your nails, you need to remove it using a nail paint remover or thinner. Try using a mild one as it may damage your nails on frequent usage.

2. Cut and file
If your nails are too long or unshaped, this step is the most crucial. Trim your nails and use filer to shape them. For a simpler look, you can shape it rectangular with curved ends.

3. Soak nails
In order to clean your nails as well as to soften them, next step involves soaking it in a solution. For this, you cab dissolve a baby shampoo or mild solution and keep your nails and hands for 15 minutes in it.

4. Push back cutile
You can apply cutile remover and push back your cutiles a bit. Remember that the area is delicate and protects skin from bacteria. Thus, don’t push it back too much.

5. Moisture
Now, moisturize your nails and cutiles from back to front. You can also moisturize your fingers for a smooth application of nailpaint. Once done, remove excess oil.

6. Base application
Now remove your base nailpain, which could be of any light color or basically your nail color. Base helps smoothen nails, better application and prevents nails from getting stained by dark colors.

6. Apply nailpaint
After your base gets dry, apply your favourite nail paint smoothly. The application should be from cuticles to front. After it’s done, let it dry.

7. Repeat
Once your nailpaint dries, apply a second coat to keep it intact. Ensure that there are no bumps.

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