Mindful eating isn’t a diet to lose weight. But it is a way of eating with meditation or say attention. When you eat mindfully, you are likely to lose weight (especially if you are obese).

Apart from losing weight, it is also known to reduce anxiety or depression and stay physically fit. But still, it isn’t about counting calories or carbs or even protein, but in fact, eating mindfully irrespective of what you eat.

So, here’s how you can eat mindfully:

1. Stay away from distractions like TV, phone, movies and even people. Eat with full focus on your food.

2. Eat slowly, i.e reduce your pace of eating, bite more. Give yourself time to feel your stomach being filled by food.


3. Look out to how your mood is reacting to different tastes i.e. food you like, dislike or find neutral. But, don’t judge it.

4. Don’t eat when you are thirsty, bored, depressed or even over-excited.

5. Notice the cues your body gives you when it is asking for food. So thay you don’t just start eating randomly.

6. Choose food which is nourishing to your body as well as satisfying to your taste and hunger.

By following these 6 ways, you can practice mindful eating. It requires you to simply acknowledge and accept rather than judge the feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations you observe in your body while eating. It can also prevent you from binge-eating.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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