How to Encourage Children to Eat Healthy

Clean and healthy eating in modern times is least concerned, though extremely important for a healthy lifestyle. Today most children develop unhealthy eating habits at a very young age, resulting in numerous lifestyle disorders. Thus, encouraging children to eat healthy is significant. Here’s how you can make them eat healthy:

1. Be the example
If you are addicted to junk food yourself, you set a poor example. If you want them to eat healthy, show them what it means by having it yourself.


2. Make it interesting
If you tell them to eat green leafies, they may never feel like having it. But, if you put that in a gram flour pancake, they may not even know what they ate and in fact love its taste it you make it interesting.

3. Add gradually
Instead of asking your kids to include all healthy meals to their diet, go gradually! Start including healthy food one by one. For example, introduce oats as breakfast and add any other healthy item only after they have whole heartedly accepted the previous one (oats).

4. Treat them
Kids love treats. Lure them by telling them that they’ll get a pancake or a brownie once or twice a week if they follow a healthy diet given by you.

These little things will encourage your children to eat healthy at thus, stay healthy.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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