How to encourage him to make a move

If you like a guy and feel like he too likes you, but is too shy to make the first move, we have made it easy for you. Here are a few tips on how you can make him initiate the step.

1. Know Friends
Make his friends your friends so you can get a chance to spend more time with him. Because his friends would also be able to help you with knowing him better and giving you a chance to impress him more. So it’s always better to initiate conversation with his friends and spend more time when he is with them.

2. Happy Times
Try to meet him in happy times as much as possible because it is likely that when he will be happy, he may be more interested in you and obviously choose to take a move. Also, try to create an environment which he really enjoys more. For example if he loves watching movies in cinema then take him out for that.

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3. Interests
keep a watch on what he does in his daily routine. Figure out at what time does he goes to his gym, library, temple etc. and be at that place, as if it is a co-incidence. Try to involve him in the same work by asking for help in a field he is interested. And spend more time together at similar interests.

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4. Hints
Show him that you are also interested in him. A shy guy may not be willing to take an initiative on his part, but if he realises that you are equally interested in him, he may choose to interact or even take a further step without fearing.

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