How To Gain Attractive Prospects?

If you own a company – be it small or big – you will notice that gaining prospects is of utmost importance. Without good leads there would technically be no hopes for your company’s profit or its success as a whole. Hence, in this article we mention the ways to attract more and more prospects towards your beautiful company.

How To Gain Attractive Prospects?

#1 Every Customer Counts!!

Want to know the best way to reduce the valuation on the sale of your startup? The answer is simple: actively seek a buyer! No doubt, this only looks like a desperation move but you would never know which customer is your next buyer.

Even though no one customer should define your business model, you should leave yourself the flexibility to cater to each individual customers in specific ways. The most likely way to get customers to close the deal is to spend a little time on each individual target. You need to personalize the correspondence as much as possible. Figure out why they’re successful, what their hobbies are, and what conferences they like going to. The more you can understand them the more likely you are to speak in their language.

Basically, it takes time to prepare and learn about every target. But as you get more customers you’ll quickly learn what similarities and differences your customers have. It becomes easier to figure out where to focus and how to craft your message.

How To Gain Attractive Prospects

#2 Be Human 🙂

This might be a very obvious point and also I’ve mentioned this point in few of my previous articles as well. But the reason why this point is very important is that many startup companies tend to follow templates. It might make your work easier but people hate templates!

The proposal must be one-to-one. Robotic content is always dry. It lacks that spirit and responsibility to it. Your writing will reflect how well you have digested their requirements and their wants. There are supposed to be creative sequences in your way of presenting. It must be crisp, straight and to-the-point.

Thus, write like you’re just some friend writing an email to another friend. Basically, write like a human being! This way you could create a very good bond between the buyer and yourself.

Hence, remember, the faster you learn to write like a normal human being, the faster will your product reach the other human being.

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#3 Maintain A Clean Workplace 

Most startups are complete messes. So, it’s obvious that this creates plenty of doubt when buyers are considering a deal. Thus, you really need to get your books in order, your contracts in order, your IP in order, your cap table in order and so on.

In fact, you should set up a data room, such as Dropbox. This basically means organizing your company’s information in folders, which can make the due diligence process much faster. Basically, you would require a Complete Corporate Cleanup. And this in return will impress potential buyers.

Also, your team needs to be on the same page, such as on the valuation parameters and other key terms, like: What if the buyer shuts down the product? What if the buyer only wants to keep certain employees? Will your company be run independently?
Hence, you require a Minimum Viable Offer as well.

#4 Advisers, Support, and Referrals

For a startup, you really do not need an investment banker as an adviser (such an adviser is usually too expensive anyway). But you definitely need an experienced attorney.

Also, now that you have made good sales, earned the trust of your customers. So, what next? Well, now comes the point where your product is in use, and there will be problems or difficulties that your customers might be facing while using your service or product. So, when they need your help, don’t make them wait, set quick and easy support. It is very important to make them realize and feel that you were not just a mere stereotypical salesman who sold some shit to them, but rather a guy who sold something that was worth their money and hope.

One must also realize that Money never sleeps. i.e. Referrals are important as well. 80% people never ask for a referral. It is a good practice to ask for referrals because when people don’t know your product but they know someone who uses it and whom they trust and believe in, they might come to you. It is the easiest way to crack great good deals.

#5 Work hard, Earn it and Never Give Up

For the most part, you need to have a poker face when it comes to positioning your company for prospects. Actually, a good strategy is to talk about a partnership or alliance with a potential buyer.

But the hardest part of bootstrapping your sales is sticking with the process. It can take a very long time to get your first deal. But each deal comes faster with practice and more information. Hence, just go for it!

Your initial hit rate will probably be terrible. If it isn’t, you’re doing something right. You might come across many hurdles and obstacles in your way but just have an aim to make your hard work worth it. So, you could have a pattern, happy customers, a model that looks like it could scale, and real tangible revenue.

Remember, not giving up, especially in the hunt for your prospects, is the most important part of your sales startup strategy. So, give yourself time to build yourself a business model. Once you’ve done that, no one can stop from being successful.


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