Having pink-flawless lips is a dream for many, but it does require a lot of care and lifestyle changes. If you are ready to make them, nothing could be better. But if you are unable to be consistent with your routine and looking for a quick yet natural way of achieving flawless lips, then follow the guide below:

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the primary and most essential step towards flawless lips. You need to remove dirt and blackness from uour lips’ skin for which exfoliation is important. You can use either a good brand scrub or any DIY scrub.


2. Moisturize

Just like your skin, your lips require hydration too. After exfoliating, apply any moisturizer on lips such as vaseline or any DIY moisturizer every night.


3. Lipstick

Applying a lipstick on to your lips can really make it look prettier and you can actually steal your dream look with it. So, grab on your favourite shade, matching your outfit and apply it.

4. Lip liner

Lip liner can add on to your look as much as you might have never imagined. It can add volume to your lips and give you a bolder look. So, outline your lips and make them look plumpy.

5. DIYs

To get those pretty pink lips, try out some incredibly awesome DIYs. You can use beetroot, strawberry, orange juice and what not. For best results, apply overnight.

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