How To Get Picture-Perfect No-Makeup Makeup Look

Not everyone’s skin is perfect like that of some celebrities who look adorable even without makeup. But let us accept that fact that makeup has a lot of potential to transform our look, and we all want that flawless picture-perfect skin everyday without wearing tons of makeup. Here’s a guide to achieve a no-makeup, makeup look.

STEP 1- Exfoliate
Skip the primer , just exfoliate your skin and you are gonna shine with that make-up look. Exfoliating helps take off dead cells and remove black heads from our skin. Don’t skip it.

STEP 2- Moisturize
Moisturizing skin is really important especially when you are skipping primer as well as foundation. (YES, WE AREN’T GONNA USE FOUNDATION!).

STEP 3- Conceal
After moisturizing, you should go ahead with concealer to hide- off your blemishes and apply it on areaa of dark color tone. Do not forget to cover up your under-eye puffs.

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STEP 4- Highlight
Try not to skip this step. Highlight your inner eyes and corners of nose and your natural makeup base is already done!

STEP 5- Curl Eyelashes
With the help of an eyelash- curler, brush and curl your eyelashes and apply mascara to give it a thickness and make them look big. You should never miss this out, as eyes have a great impact on your overall look.

STEP 6- Shape Eyebrows
Shape your eyebrows with the help of eyebrow pencil. Don’t make them look too dark or it may appear fake. Ensure that they are in good shape.

STEP 7- Lipstick
Take a nude or any light shade for your lips. For even a better look, use lip-liner before applying lipstick.

STEP 8- Blush
Make your smile prettier by adding a little bit of blush to your cheeks. You can also use red or pink lipstick for this step to give yourself even a more natural look.

And you are done with that picture-perfect no-makeup, makeup look.

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