Do you feel like he doesn’t love you anymore? Or does he not give you the kind of time and attention he once gave? Is it causing conflicts between you guys? Or do you feel like sorting it out together, but nothing works? Whether he is actually busy or is no more interested in you, you can get his attention back.

Read ahead to know how.

1. Find out why

Instead of assuming the reasons for his change in attitude, go deep into what has made him change. Is it because of some personal issues going in his life or is something has kept him occupied? Or is it that he is upset with something about you? Figure that out!

2. Express yourself

Assuming everything yourself or keeping it in your heart and feeling bad about it won’t help. Learn to express yourself by telling your partner how you are feeling about this change and let him keep his points too.

3. Be more romantic

Irrespective of the reason for this distancing, being romantic can definitely help you come closer to him. Guys like to be physically close to their loved ones.

4. Meet him

Not everything can be sorted on texts or calls. Ask him to meet at your place or somewhere outside where you two feel comfortable with each other. If he isn’t willing to meet you, make a surprise visit to him place or invite him through a friend. Meeting can really make a difference.

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