How to give-up alcohol addiction?

Addiction to alcohol can be fatal for your health. It can severely damage your liver and the side effects are endless. If you arw addicted to alcohol but have decided to give-up, here’s how you can:

1. Set Goal
If you haven’t still decided on giving-up, them do it now. Be firm with your decision because you won’t be able to give-up until you realise it in your own that it is extremely bad for your health. After that, set a goal as to restrict your limit. Decide whether you’ll give up in a single ho or gradually decrease consumption.

2. Throw away bottles
Trust me the more bottles or shots you have around you, it is more likely that you will drink. Therefore, keep yourself away from those toxic substances.

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3. Change company
Obviously not your workplace but the people with whom you drink. Staying or spending more time with people of similar interests will only provoke you to do the same.

4-Find substitute
If not alcohol then what? You’ll definitely need an alternative drink to keep you satisfied. So, get another healthy drinks or at least healthier one that can keep your desire in control.

5-Reward yourself
Rewarding yourself for every progress that you make can genuinely create a difference. The more you motivate yourself, more you’ll be able to achieve. So set rewards for yourself on fulfilling your targets of not drinking.

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