How to give-up your cellphone addiction

Cell-phone addiction has become common today. Whether it is about teenagers or adults or infants, everyone’s addicted to phone these days. And the reasons are obvious, phones have multiple applications and features that fulfill our innumerable needs and wants. However, phone addiction can prove to be fatal in terms of physical, psychological and mental health. Therefore, we should work on limiting its use.
And, here’s how you can do it:

1. Schedule use
You must note and write down how much time you’ll be using your phone in a day. For example, two hours. Also, you have to set a limit on frequency of picking up your phone. It can be low initially and increase gradually.

2. Turn off notifications
Switch off the notification of useless apps. By useless i mean, apps that aren’t really important to you. For these, you can check out your phone afterwards and don’t really need to jump on to see who texted or liked pics.

3. Keep yourself busy
If not phone,you need something to keep your busy. Well, it can be anything. A laptop, your work, following your hobby or anything, but keep yourself busy so you think about phone as less as possible.

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4. Reward yourself
Rewarding yourself is really important for achieving greater results. No! This time don’t reward yourself by increasing your phone time but instead giving yourself something else you love or enjoy. For example, favourite food. Remember to reward yourself whenever you achieve these goals.

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