How to grow long and Beautiful hair

Growing hair long is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many of us may give up in between and get our hair chopped. And even if some of us choose to grow those long and thick hair, chances are rare that they look flawless and beautiful too.

So, here’s a guide to getting long and beautiful hair:

1. Don’t shampoo often
Washing hair frequently can damage it from the roots. As, most of us get hairfall every time we wash our hair. You should only shampoo once in a week in winters and twice in summer.

2. Wash with cold water
Hot water not just damages our hair more but also causes dry flakes or dandruff that takes away all the beauty of our hair. So, you must wash your hair with cold water only.

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3. Regular trimming
Yes, you read it right! Hair trimming is quite essential on regular basis. Some of us believe that trimming can shorten our length but that’s not true. Without trimming, out hair won’t grow long. It is only possible after split ends are removed.

4. Nourish
Nourshing hair is as important as nourishing our facing with moisturizer everyday. So, give yourself an oil massage as frequently as possible. But, it is an unavoidable step in order to achieve hair growth.

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